• Double Wired xxl Pistils

      3,50 (IVA incluido)

      Extra large double pistils with wire stem. Pistil size 8 mm. Wide by 1.5 Cm. Long. Approximately. Each knob contains…

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    • FLAT PISTILS, 140 units.

      3,50 (IVA incluido)

      1st quality flat head pistils, price of 140 units. COMPOSICIÓN:

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      2,36 (IVA incluido)

      Branch of pearly teardrop pistils. It has 10 twigs of 7 pistils COMPOSICIÓN:

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    • Pistilos Alambrados xxl Lagrima

      1,82 (IVA incluido)

      Pomo de pistilos extra grandes con tallo de alambre. Tamaño del pistilo 8 mm. De ancho por 1.5 Cm. De…

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    • Pearl Pistils

      1,15 (IVA incluido)

      Wired pistils with pearl shape. 0,9cm. Each bunch contains 10 pistils.

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    • Wired and Lanceolated Pistils 160 Units

      3,57 (IVA incluido)

      Wired and lanceolated pistils. Each bunch contains 160 units approx.

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    • Wire With Buds, 5 Units

      1,82 (IVA incluido)

      Lined wire of decorared tape resembling the buds of a branch. Length 40cm. Each bag contains 5 units.

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    • Wired and Pearly Double Pistils xl

      1,57 (IVA incluido)

      Double pearly and wired pistils. Width 0,5cm and length 1cm. Each bunch contains 50 pistils.

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    • Marsella Pistils

      2,12 (IVA incluido)

      Double pistils. Width 0,3cm and length 0,5cm. Each bunch contains 288 double pistils.

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    • Alambre xl de Pistilos, 5 Unid.

      2,36 (IVA incluido)

      Alambre forrado con tape y 24 pistilos.de 65 cm. De largo.es Moldeable y tiene 65 cm. De largo aprox. El…

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    • Ptistils Wire, 5 Units

      45.7% 0,800,95
      1,15 (IVA incluido)

      Pistilos enrollados en un filamento de alambre forrado con tape de 38 cm. De largo. Cada unidad contiene 18 pistilos.…

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    • Caracas Branch., 35 Pistils xl.

      3,57 (IVA incluido)

      Branch made from wired pistils. Length of 27cm, width of 10cm. Each branch has 35 pistils with a head of…

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    • Bride xl Pearly Pistils

      1,82 (IVA incluido)

      Pearly pistils with head of 0,5cm of diameter. Bunch of 90 to 110 units depending on the colour.

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    • Pistilos Perlados

      0,75 (IVA incluido)

      Pistilos con acabado perlado. Pomo de 120 unidades aproximadamente. El color verde oliva y lila pueden presentar descascarillado por lo…

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    • Matt Pistils, Bunch of 275-300 Units

      1,20 (IVA incluido)

      Pistilos mates, se vende por pomos de 270-300 unidades.

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    • Pistilos, Pomo de 150 Unidades Aprox.

      42% 0,290,40
      0,48 (IVA incluido)

      Pistilos, 150 unidades aproximadamente. Composición: 100% resine

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