Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


We recommend you check the General Contract Terms and Conditions which regulate our offer and the purchase of products from MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) through our online store on this website.

These services are offered through FOURME S.L. officially registered at the following address: Avda. Europa nº 100, 41960 Gines, Seville, Spain, and registered in the Company Register of Seville, Spain, Volume 5.025, page 190, reference number SE-81.589, Spanish Company Tax Number CIF B91792242 hereafter MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS).

Accessing this website implies acceptance on behalf of the users of our general contract terms and the conditions stated in our legal, private and cookie policy documents, in addition to any specific conditions compiled for specific services. If you do not accept these conditions you should leave this website although, if in doubt, you can always contact our customer service department.

Using any account with MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) on social media implies acceptance of the rules and regulations stated.

Users agree to accept and comply with the conditions stipulated here and all other legal requirements.

All industrial and intellectual propriety rights on this website, including contents, belong to MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) and no user is authorized to use, print or store them in any physical format which is not for personal or private use. Commercial use or modification is prohibited. The web contents can only be used for informative purposes and only when the website is cited as a reference. The user is responsible for any infringement of these rules. Access to this website does not give the user any industrial or intellectual rights to the information or products displayed.

Consequently, users are prohibited from changing either the content or the structure of these pages. MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) reserves the right to take legal action against any users who violate industrial or intellectual rights. If a user detects an infringement of these rights we ask you to contact us through info@materialesparatocados.com. MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) reserves the right to change any stipulation or information on this website.

On behalf of MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) we ask you to read these General Terms and Contract Conditions carefully as they explain all the information relative to your rights and obligations as a user of the services offered by MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) through materialesparatocados.com (here onwards referred to as our website) CONTACT: Queries of any type can be sent through our Contact form.


Through its website MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS), provides users with materials for the creation of millinery items and accessories sold directly by MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) online. This website is aimed at designers who want to personalize their collections or for individuals who are making their own handmade craft creations.

The following details are provided with each product:

The name of the article
A reference number for the article
An image of the article
A description of the article
Available colours
Prices in Euros (without VAT)

MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) has made every effort to show colours as true to life as possible. Nevertheless, the colour which is seen on screen may be subject to variations depending on the quality of the screen of your computer. MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) cannot guarantee that the colours seen on your screen are exactly what you will find in reality.
Special offers, promotions and discounts will be valid until the stated date or while stocks last.

MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) makes every effort to ensure that the information on its website is up-to-date and correct. If an error is found MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) will revise the information immediately.

Sales of products offered through MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) are governed by the general contract conditions which have to be accepted by the user when completing the on-line forms during the stages of purchasing. MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) will ask for confirmation of acceptance at the end of the process.

MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) reserves the right to change at any time and without previous warning the presentation, conditions and content of the general contract conditions and such changes will be applicable from the moment they are introduced.

Contracting our services through our website implies acceptance of the conditions and contract outlined here by MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS).


Minors are not allowed use this website.

MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) reminds adult users that they are responsible for under-age persons who may access the services provided by this website and that they should use programs and filters to control the use of this site by minors.

Contract for materiales para tocados (fascinator materials) material and purchasing procedures

The following conditions have been designed to create a legal agreement between the purchaser and MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) which protects the rights of both sides. The conditions regulate the offer, acceptance of purchase and the delivery of products between MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) and the buyer.

Only clients who have registered on our website and in doing so accept our General Conditions are entitled to purchase on this website.


Before finalizing a purchase, the client should select the product, carefully check all the details and the final price.
The purchase will be finalized by the user through the electronic process provided by the website once the online form has been completed.
LProduct details and prices are shown on screen and are available while stocks last. Prices are up-to-date, provided in Euros but do not include VAT.
You have to be over 18 to buy a product from this website.

2 Finalizing the order

The products you wish to buy should be selected, added to your shopping basket and you then click on the appropriate button. You should choose the colour and number of item you have selected.

The shopping basket shows the product name, reference number, model, colour, the number of items and the price in Euros (taxes NOT included). Transport is not included in this price. Transport costs depend on the means of transport and geographical area.

To complete the purchase, the customer must provide personal details if they are not already registered. All such information will be incorporated in our database in order to process the purchase and facilitate future purchases through our website. Users’ personal information will be treated in accordance to our Privacy Policy. The user has the right to access, at any time, the personal information and orders they have registered through this website.

MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) reminds users that they should be careful to provide accurate personal details in order to avoid confusion or other problems when delivering purchases.

Furthermore, if the user accepts, they will receive an email with information and publications from MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS).

3. Finalizing the purchase

Once the purchase has been confirmed but before it is dispatched clients will be provided with a summary of the order indicating the buyer, the price (with transport and taxes included), a list of the items ordered and the details of the receiver so that the client can confirm their order by clicking on “CONFIRM PAYMENT”.

Orders can be paid for using the options detailed in the section “Sales and Means of Payment”. These are the only forms of payment accepted.

Confirmation of payment and the number of the order will be sent to the corresponding address. An email will also be sent to the user with a description of the order and relevant personal information. If this message is not received, you should contact us as soon as possible to confirm details.

Deliveries and payment options

Goods will be delivered to the client at the address they provided within the stated deadlines, depending on the option chosen by the client, the destination and the availability of the selected product.

Products bought through MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) will be delivered by courier to addresses in mainland Spain and Portugal within four working days. MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) will provide up-to-date information for deliveries outside of Spain.

The deadlines stipulated are calculated on the basis of working days (Monday to Friday) but could change depending on local or national holidays. If a bank transfer is the chosen method of payment, these deadlines may also change as products are sent from the moment that confirmation of the bank transfer is received.

Orders collected in our in Seville premises will not be charged delivery.

You will need the number of your order which you will have received by email and proof of identification (DNI or Passport) in order to collect your order from our office. If a third party is going to collect the order they will need to identify themselves with name, surname and national identity number along with the number of the order and proof of identity for the person who placed the original order.

Transport costs are calculated on the basis of the method of delivery chosen and the region being delivered to.

The exact cost of delivery will be detailed on the webpage along with the summary of the purchase before the client completes the payment details.
Deliveries outside of Spain may incur certain customs charges depending on the country. The client will be responsible for any such expenses.
If you have any further queries, please contact us at: info@materialesparatocados.com.

We never send products to P.O. boxes.
At certain times such as Christmas, Bank Holidays or other holidays we cannot guarantee delivery within the stated deadline given the volume of merchandise being transported at these times

Delivery costs may be changed at any time without previous warning. Any such change will take effect from the moment it is placed on our webpage. Either way, the correct delivery cost is that stated at the moment the order is placed.

Payment methods and currencies

Prices on our website are in Euros and do not include VAT.

MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) is obliged by law to charge VAT at the official rate on all products delivered in Spain with the exception of The Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

Deliveries to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are subject to corresponding taxes as defined by existing law and it is the client’s responsibility to clear these at customs through the Central Tax Agency (AEAT). All such charges are the responsibility of the client.

Inter- Community purchases that are exempt from taxes are available to clients that are on the register of inter-Community operators.

All purchases can be made using a debit / credit card, cash on delivery, bank transfer or PayPal.

There are four methods of paying for an order.

Credit/Debit card

The majority of major credit cards can be used (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, American Express …) to complete purchases. Security is very important to us so your information will be kept safe. In order to avoid fraud and protect security, personal information on credit card holders is subject to validation and authorization by both ourselves and the company who has issued the card. We would like to remind you that credit card information should not be send by email, fax or through social networks.

If you choose to pay online using a credit or debit card, once your personal data has been confirmed, payment will occur in real time, through the platform your financial institution uses.


Bizum is a mobile app that allows payments and chargings to be made between individuals, for cases in which intermediaries do not have cash and without needing to know the bank account number of the payment recipient.

Cash on delivery

Payment using Cash on Delivery can only be accepted for orders within mainland Spain and Portugal. There will be a 1% of the total amount charge for this type of payment with a minimum of 1 Euro (plus VAT) which will be included in the bill.


PayPal is a quick and secure way of paying without any additional costs.

PayPal Express Payment: Clients can link their PayPal account to MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) so that any future purchases can be completed automatically using this system.

Check the PayPal website for more information on this option.

 Bank Transfer

If you chose a Bank Transfer as your method of payment you will receive an email with the bank account number where you need to make the payment, in the name of MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS). All costs for this type of payment are the client’s responsibility.
Once the amount has been received you will receive confirmation of payment and delivery will be organized. It is very important to include in the subject line the order number and personal information (name and surname) and to make the transfer within three days of the original order as confirmation. The order will be cancelled if MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) has not received payment within this period.

If you prefer you can also send a confirmation of payment by email to info@materialesparatocados.com.

Once confirmation of payment has been received the delivery will leave our warehouses.

If you need an official receipt you will need to contact us providing the required information and the order number. Once the order has been delivered you have fifteen days in which to ask for a receipt.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at info@materialesparatocados.com.

Product availability

All orders are subject to availability. If MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) detect a problem once an order has been placed, we will do our best to find an alternative. If this is not possible, the client will be notified immediately and refunded using the original payment method

The right to decline an order

MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) reserves the right to cancel any order or not accept an order for the following reasons:

  • If there is a technical and/or typing error in the prices or other product information on our website at the time the order is placed.
  • If the product is not available as explained in point 4.5.
  • When security systems indicate that the purchase may be fraudulent.
  • It appears that the user is under-age.
  • MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) has not been able to deliver to the given address.


Changes and refunds

MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) offers an after-sales service in order to provide a solution to any problem associated with our products or delivery. Our intention is to be quick and efficient when dealing with any such problem.
If a buyer is not happy with any of our products they have a fifteen-day period in which they can return the item, in its original packaging and undamaged in any way.

Returned goods should be sent to:
Any further queries related to returns or cancellations should be sent via email to info@materialparatocados.com within fifteen working days of receipt of the product. There is also an online cancellation form available.

If the client needs to return goods for a reason which MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) is not responsible for, such as a mistake at the time of buying, choice of colour or size and other features, the client is liable to pay the corresponding transport charges. MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) will refund the client everything except transport costs.

The right to cancel is not applicable in the following instances:

When items have been specifically designed and made to a customer’s own personal needs
If MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) is responsible in any way (a broken item or mistake in the order), MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) will accept responsibility for all transport charges and will replace the item for something similar or of the same price, refund the complete amount or provide a gift voucher for the same amount:

Once the material has been received, checked and all previous conditions fulfilled, MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) will refund the amount within a 20 day period after the receipt of the goods, using the original payment method or, If necessary, sending a new product.

If the payment was made by credit card or PayPal the refund will be made through the same system.
If the payment was made by bank transfer or cash on delivery, you will be asked for your bank details so that the refund can be lodged in your bank account.


All the contents of this webpage are protected by current industrial and intellectual copyright laws.

For whatever purpose, use, reproduction, distribution, or commercialization, completely or partially of the contents of this website requires previous authorization from MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS).

The rights and use of any content from other sources rather than MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) which may appear on these pages belongs to those third parties.

Reproduction, distribution and public communication of any content from this website for commercial purposes and on any platform is completely forbidden without previous authorization from MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS).

Users agree to respect MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS)’s industrial and intellectual copyright of the material on this website. Use of the website is for personal and private use only. Users are not allowed delete, alter, avoid or manipulate any means of protection or security systems installed on this website.

Limitation of liability

Users voluntarily and clearly accept full responsibility for their use of the website.

While taking all possible measures to avoid them, MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) is not responsible under any circumstances for any damages or harm of any nature which may occur while using this site including mistakes or omissions in terms of content, lack of availability of the webpage, virus or other malware within the contents.

MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) is not responsible for any contents placed by third parties on our website be it information, stored content including but not limited to forums, chats, blog creators, commentaries, social networks or any other medium which allows third parties to publish their views on the web.

Nevertheless, the owners promise to immediately delete or if necessary block any content which contravenes national or international law, is morally offensive or goes against public order. In any such case any links to an external website will be blocked and the relevant authorities informed. If any user encounters content, they find unacceptable on our website we ask them to get in contact immediately with our web administration.

Hyperlinks to advertising external to MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) is forbidden without previous permission. MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) is not responsible for the content of third party websites which may provide links to ours.

Customer service and contact

As the company responsible for this website and the sale of the products advertised here MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) offers users a customer service telephone service +34955230338 five days of the week, Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 18.00 pm. All queries regarding the sale of our products online will be dealt with quickly and efficiently. You can also contact us via email or normal post.
Our contact details:

Avda Europa, 100
41960, Gines

We also inform you that the European Commission offers a platform to help with lawsuits which can be found at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ Consumers can submit their legal complaints here.

We also want to remind you that you should never give credit card information by email, fax or social networks.

Personal information

Our Privacy Policy will regulate the collection and storage of all personal details and the associated legal rights. Registering implies acceptance of this text, which is always available for consultation.


MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) reserves the right to make any changes considered necessary to our website without previous warning. We reserve the right to change, delete or add content and services and the form in which they may appear or be found on our website.

MATERIALES PARA TOCADOS (FASCINATOR MATERIALS) recommends users to regularly consult these conditions although placement of any new order through our website automatically implies acceptance.

Legislation and juristiction

The contents and conditions of this document were originally written in Spanish and are covered by Spanish legislation. In case of a disagreement in terms of interpretation or understanding of the information on this website or any circumstances in which there may be a disagreement about contractual obligations, all sides agree to abide by the rulings of the Courts in Seville as long as they are not considered to be buyers.

Last updated: 31st. December, 2018

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